Our Process

Our Working Methodology:

Getting to Know You:

We first spend a little time to get to know you and we do that by asking you loads of questions. We aim to understand your style, your personality, your needs and wants, your lifestyle and pretty much everything else.

An Initial Look:

Based on your answers, we develop a schematic design which will help you visualize how the end product will look like.

Immersing you in the Feeling:

We like to create a palette through which you are able to get the glimpses of your about-to-be home’s interior design. We tend to submerge you with the materials, the colors, the finishes, cabinetry and what not? Here, we tend to ensure that you will get a fair share of idea of what your home is going to be transformed into.

The Planning Phase:

It’s time to convert all of the vision into reality. You can expect to be surrounded by a lot of paperwork and of course a lot of people – all of whom would be concerned to convert our vision into reality.

Ordering Phase:

After getting done and dusted from the planning phase, we move towards getting the supplies from the vendors after your approval. We also tend to check the items for any damage that may have occurred during the transit period.

Looking after the Construction Phase:

We at all times are present at the site to deal and solve any problem that may arise at any point in time. From looking after the construction to electric and plumbing stuff to the installation of lights – we are there for you so that you can be at peace. We continuously keep a track of everything and run reviews on the work done and update the progress simultaneously so that you are fully aware with the work being carried out to turn your house into home.

Installation Phase:

We truly care about you and your belongings – and that is the reason why we keep all of your belongings safe and sound at our compound.

And when the time’s right, our builders load the trucks with everything that we have bought on your behalf! And you know what the best thing is? We ensure that everything that was bought is transferred to its rightful place without experiencing even a minimalistic scratch of any sort.

Time to Rejuvenate Fully:

Now is the time to revitalize and rejoice! With groceries in your pantry, flowers on your table and with coffee ready to be sipped and candles ready to be lit – you have absolutely all the reasons to celebrate for and absolutely none to be concerned for! This is the time for you to relax and enjoy and start living your life just the way you have always dreamt of!

And you know Why we did it and how we did it? It’s simply because we love this work!

Seeing your eyes light up when you walk into your new interiors. And hearing you say, “It’s exactly me. It’s just what I wanted. How did you know?”

And while you enjoy living in your new and elegantly remodel home – the only thing we want is to be remembered. Because the only asset that we have is you and your beautiful memories!