Award Winning Interior Design

Bella Vignola is originally a Northeast native. Winter of 2016 brought great changes for her and her growing family with the relocation to Houston, TX. Bella V Home Design is also based out of Houston. Bella has a distinct ability to design homes that are welcoming and polished in ways that appear effortless. Bella’s multi role of businesswoman, wife and mother, offers her an understanding of the fast-paced city life and ultimately makes her one of the top Houston interior decorators. Having direct experience with trying it all, has helped her firm become experts in designing residential interiors for real people living busy lives in Houston and beyond. The firm’s goal is simple: a focus on quality and practicality that serves each client’s unique living experience. Bella takes design risks using color and texture in fresh ways that you’ll love.

Clients experience complete and personalized 2 hour interior design help beginning with an initial one-on-one consultation or interactive questionnaire to start, at no cost to them.

Her stunning work leans towards a contemporary interior design style, but their team collectively covers every style, budget range and project size. They’ve worked on NYC apartment interior designs, startups, and commercial interior designs as well.

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